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My Life as a Military Kid, By Kaylee Holland, Age 12

My life as a military kid has been difficult. Ever since I can remember, our family has been moving around the world. One of the hardest difficulties has been making new friends at a new base. My cousins live in Hastings, Nebraska, and have since they were three years old. They don't have the same challenges as a military kid does at meeting new friends.

Although it has been a hard life, it has been an adventurous life as well. Here are some of the experiences I have been through as a military kid. When I was a baby about two years old, my parents and I were stationed in Korea. While we were there, I was a model for Elle magazine and I made the cover of the magazine. My cousins will never have that opportunity of modeling in Korea. That is just one opportunity that military kids have.

Now let me take you on some of my experiences at Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota. My other cousins also lived in South Dakota, so they had the opportunity to go to the same school since their mom is in the military. Avery, the youngest of the cousins, was in the same grade as me, so she was in my preschool classroom. We lived in South Dakota for four years. While I was in South Dakota, I met a girl named Maddie Sinks. She is still one of my good friends today. From that I have learned that when I move from base to base, I am able to keep in contact with all of my good friends.

Our next journey is to a wonderful place called Whiteman Air Force Base Missouri. Missouri has been my most favorite base I have been to, since that was where my brother and I were born. We lived in Missouri for almost six years. While we were there we found out that my dad had to deploy to Iraq. Our family was devastated because we were not going to see him for about four months. Imagine having one of your family members not there to tuck you in at night or to be there to help you out of your problems that the other parent does not understand. It is the worst feeling a military kid could have. While he was away, my mom and I talked to him on the phone and on the webcam, but it was not the same as talking to him one on one. Before my dad left, we found out that my mom was pregnant with a baby boy. We were all excited, especially me, because I was an only child for nine years. Four months later, my mom and I went to get my dad from the airport. That was the best feeling knowing that my dad was home safe and sound. Thank goodness that he wasn't hurt or injured. On account of my dad's deployment, I am more responsible because I had to take care of my mom. I had to make sure she had healthy food and that she got enough exercise.

Not too long after my dad got back from Iraq, we got orders to Sigonella, Italy. I will never forget the day that all of the movers came to pack up all our stuff. We were all nervous and sad to leave all of our family and friends and move across the world. It took us two days when we missed our plane and lost our entire luggage in Chicago. Then finally, we got to Italy. When I first got to Italy, it was very different culture. I came from homemade fried chicken to pizza and pastas. When I got here, it was the summer of 2009. I tried to get involved in some activities here so I could meet some friends before school started in September. When school finally started, I was nervous because I only knew about seven people. Being a military kid is very difficult sometimes, but it has its advantages too, like not very many people get to say they have lived in Italy. All of my life I have lived on a base surrounded by a fence and a lot of gate guards. When my dad retires, I will no longer be a military kid, but I can say I once was a military kid that lived all around the world.

About Kaylee Holland

Kaylee Holland was born in Warrensburg, Missouri, on a Saturday. She is currently living in Sigonella, Italy and her father is in the United States Air Force. Kaylee has moved all around the world her whole life. She has two wonderful parents that love her dearly. She also has a cute baby brother who is two years old. She was an only child for nine years, but is now thankful to have a brother.

Kaylee is twelve years old and in the sixth grade. She has lived in Italy for seven months, but can't wait to move back to the USA. Kaylee has great friends and will be sad to leave them in three years. She is a very strong Christian and serves the Lord with all her heart. She goes to youth group every Wednesday night and learns more about His word.

Kaylee has always been tall for her age. That has helped her in sports and in other activities. Some of her favorite things to do are hanging out with her family, reading good books, and running track. Kaylee won her first track meet at the age of seven. She continued to be in the yearly track meets where she took first in every event that she competed in. She is praying that someday she will be in the track Olympics and win many gold metals.

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