Sunday, February 20, 2011

On the Navy's Wings, By Camila Arzola, Age 11

Life as a military kid isn't easy, but as with all things, it has a positive side, too. Looking over at the negative side just impresses people more. So on the negative side, you must move every one to three years, and let go of people you love. On the positive side, you'll see and meet people and places so magnificent, you can scan a history book saying “been there, done that.” Occasionally, you might just become a beloved history teacher's pet. You'll be able to impress all your teachers with your never-ending experiences. Just keep your mind open to all people and sights. See beyond the challenges.

Moving overseas is highly recommended. It's an awesome opportunity to travel to exotic places. Europe is probably the best place to move to for it holds some of the treasures of the world. France, Spain, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, the Alps, Egypt, Turkey, and England are easy made destinations overseas. I've been to so many places, I just can't count them unless I'm some type of super genius. Let's just say I've been from Monaco, to the Leaning Tower of Pisa, to Pompeii, to Germany, and Turkey! The weird thing is, I haven't been to Disney or Six Flags or even Bush Gardens!

The best place I've been to is Turkey. People there are so sympathetic and kind; it's hard not to call them “sister,” “uncle,” or “auntie!” Some are quite persistent at making business, though. To make the salespeople go away, my family dressed up like the locals and we—the girls in my family—put shawls over our heads just like a nice storekeeper showed us. It was the best experience I ever had. We also went to the Hagia Sophia, an old monument that was first a catholic church and then transformed into one of the largest domes in the world and into a mosque. We also entered the blue mosque, known for the beautiful tiles used on the ceiling. I learned a lot about the Muslim religion and how girls are separated from boys so often. As my family entered the mosque, the whole thing was allowed to be seen by boys, but only a fraction of the whole thing allowed girls to be included.

The military is also a great place to make friends all over the universe, or just the world! As you move, you might notice your buddy list getting enormous. Do not panic; you will survive this experience of “address-explode-yculus.” Just calm down and get a new address book, yours might be exploding. Also remember to contact your close friends by phone, email, or Facebook. Remember time zones when trying to call or else your friend might ignore you for calling them at two in the morning. Please remember, without friends, we might as well be mindless clones. Friends make life more enjoyable and bearable. True friends stick by your side even if you're a million light years away.

Another big deal in military life is deployment. Deployment can be the most worrisome event in some people's lives. Dads are the one's who usually get deployed. If you're lucky enough, your dad will only be deployed up to twelve months. That doesn't mean you lose hope if your dad gets deployed for years in a dangerous place. Most come back from one of the most terrible things in the universe—war. If your dad is in war, send him letters letting him know your prayers are with him and you're always there for him.

Overall, military life is difficult for people of all ages. The sacrifices may be immense, but it also has fabulous opportunities. Like everything, it has it's up's, down's and slopes to deal with. Just avoid the slopes and look up. This goes with everything in life. Good luck!

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